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Farmhouses and vineyards in Tuscany

Farmhouses and vineyards in Tuscany

Dettagli Offerta n° 3085
Tour details n° 3085
duration: 2 days
departure from 18/03/2019 to 31/03/2022

Tour 3085
journey time: 2 days
from 18/03/2019 to 31/03/2022



Farmhouses and vineyards, tasting of wines and typical products...

  • First day:
    Greve in Chianti, regarded as the gateway to the Chianti area. This lively town is famous for its particular square which since the Middle Ages was the market square of the villages, castles and farms of the surrounding hills. Greve also offers the opportunity to taste and enjoy many typical products of Chianti. Under the portico of the square there are many shops of artisans, wine shops and restaurants. Among these the “Antica Macelleria Falorni” which offers only traditional Chianti products. A few steps from the square there is the Museum of Wine.
    Panzano in Chianti. A few kilometres from Greve there is Panzano, a densely populated Chianti village. Since the twelfth century Panzano has played an important role in defending the territories of Florence. The Castle of Panzano was an important bulwark to defend the Republic of Florence during the wars between Florence and Siena. It is lovely to walk around the old town, breathe the air of the old times and stop in the main square to have a glass of wine. In Panzano there are wine bars and restaurants that offer tastings of wine and typical products. Moreover, there is the Antica Macelleria Cecchini, famous for its excellent Florentine steak.

    Going towards Siena you get to Castellina in Chianti, whose favourable position, in the intersection of four areas of Chianti, made this city an important, strategic and military town between Florence and Siena. As sign of this important past we can see today the impressive fortress which dominates the central square and the evocative walkway of Via delle Volte that goes through the village and offers glimpses of the breath-taking view. In Castellina you can enjoy a wine tasting in one of the many wine bars and taste the art of the butchery of Chianti that produces cured meats with an unforgettable taste.
  • Second day:
    Radda in Chianti. The ancient walls still protect the centre of this city, which develops in various concentric narrow streets, where you can get lost walking around to discover characteristic glimpses of the surrounding valley, sipping a glass of wine and holding a good sandwich in the other hand.

    Visit at Gaiole in Chianti. Gaiole due to its position in the halfway between the Chianti and the Valdarno became an important market place for the various surrounding castles. Gaiole still plays an important role in the area since the town attracts many tourists. There are indeed many B&B, wine shops and farms that offer their products and their hospitality.

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